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Eco-Pro carpet and upholstery cleaning is Barrhaven’s first choice in green cleaning in Ottawa. We offer the cleanest and safest carpet cleaning services in the city of Ottawa. Expert service and quality, our team of professional carpet and rug cleaners are the envy of any carpet cleaning service in Ottawa.

Our staff are all certified and are under expert supervision of a master textile cleaner. Our policy is to ensure the customer is happy at all times, and it shows in our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Green Cleaning Services

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With Eco-Pro Barrhaven Carpet Cleaning Services, you can rest assured that we offer the safest, greenest carpet cleaning services in Ottawa. Our team of IICRC trained and certified carpet-cleaning technicians have the expertise to perform the best cleaning in town.Our products are family and pet friendly, as well we can offer scent-free cleaning for those with extreme allergies or sensitivities to scents.

Quality, Service and Fair Pricing

Here at Eco-Pro Cleaning services, we always want to do the best possible work for you the client. We use top quality products, and we don’t skip steps in order to save money on the bottom line. We don’t have pricing for a good job and lower pricing for a bad job. We offer complete and proper service or we simply won’t accept the job. Our belief is the most expensive job that a client will ever pay for is the one they paid too little and we completely unsatisfied with.

Proper Methods and Procedures Leave Your Carpets Clean

One of the emerging trends over the last few years is low moisture cleaning often referred to as “Quick Dry” Cleaning. These companies sell their services on the idea that you can have a clean carpet and barely get it wet, with the promise of fast drying times. This is true.

What these companies are failing to mention is that they are not actually REMOVING the product or dirt from your carpet because there is no extraction. What they are practicing, is known by professionals in the industry is “SCAMPOOING”

Let me explain..

Scam-poo-er: An untrained, uneducated and certainly not certified individual or company using commercial encapsulation products and methods, to “clean” residential carpet knowing that the process will void your carpet warranty.

Barrhaven Carpet CleaningHere’s a Good Tip, If you Don’t See a vacuum hose attached to these machines that is going to an extractor or truck, ask them to leave. You are about to get Scampoo-ed

In the Carpet Cleaning industry, encapsulation has become very popular in commercial applications like lobbies, elevators and hallways because there is a need for a fast drying time due to the high traffic. The downside however is that the soil particulate is not removed at the time of cleaning, rather it is cleaned up over time by the janitorial staff vacuuming repeatedly.

So when a scampooer “cleans” your carpet, they are essentially breaking up the soil into smaller particles so that it isn’t visible. You the client are then responsible to remove the dirt over the following vacuuming sessions.

With hot water extraction, IE Steam-Cleaning, the carpet is flushed clean and the soil and rinse is extracted. This will leave your carpets damp for a FEW hours, but nothing too drastic. 6-8 hours if the cleaning is done correctly. So to put it into perspective, if your carpets were cleaning in the morning they would be pretty much dry by dinner time. We do provide all of our customers with foot covers to keep their feet from getting damp during this short period.

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