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A very real and dangerous issue in the Ottawa area is the occurrence of hoarding situations that are out of control. The national statistics estimate that over 5% of the population have one form or level of a hoarding or gathering disorder. Often these individuals are known as “packrats” however to over simplify or downplay this situation is a mistake that can actually be extremely costly, even fatal if unattended to.

Eco-Pro Cleaning services offer extreme cleaning services which include hoarding cleanup, and remediation of hoarding sites. This would include reorganization as well as junk removal. We also offer referral services to the proper resources for help with this disorder. We are truly  Extreme Cleaning Specialists and service the entire Ottawa area including Kanata, Rockland, Barrhaven, Stittsville, Hunt Club, Orleans as well as the Gatineau, Quebec region as well.

Dangers of Hoarding

There are some inherent dangers with hoarding sites that can put entire buildings at risk, along with it’s residents. This is of course in addition to the extreme risk to the occupants of the property where the hoarding occurs.

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Fire caused by hoarding

Some Of The Dangers Of Hoarding Include:

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Structural Collapse
  • Virus and Disease
  • Deadly Infections
  • Depression
  • Psychological Distress
  • Animal Abuse







Elderly are often at risk for Hoarding

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Ottawa has a large number of hoarders and often it happens with the elderly. It is a sad situation but it is a reality that the elderly often have strokes or are unable to clean up after themselves. This can lead to depression and utter despair. This situation is often very sad and as family members, friends or loved ones you always want to do what you can to ensure their well-being.

It can sometimes be an uphill battle as the individuals are fearful of losing their independence, as well as they are suffering from the fear of losing items that are precious to them.

As professionals in this field we are very well equipped to handle these situations and will guide you every step of the way to ensure the people involved get the proper help and support that they desperately need.


Below here is a short video that explains the mechanisms of a hoarder and how it begins.


Animal Hoarding is Also a Very Real Problem

Animal Hoarding in Ottawa

One of the saddest situations in the hoarding cleanup business is when we come across animal hoarding problems. It is a very sensitive subject for everyone involved because in most cases the person(s) truly care about the animals but do not realize that they are actually completely mistreating the animals. Often times the hoarder actually keeps the animals after they have died which causes some major issues with disease, insects and in most cases starts a chain reaction which can infect and kill the remainder of the animals present in the home. This is not even mentioning the horrible smell that will occur throughout the home. It is truly a disaster

We are the Ottawa Hoarding Cleanup Solution, but time is of the essence!

Dealing with hoarding, or extreme cleaning situations with bio-hazardous material is very time sensitive. When it is discovered that there is a hoarding or extreme clutter issue it needs to be addressed as an emergency not as something that can wait. There are lives that are actually at risk; both to the occupants but to the animals and pets and often to the neighbors of the hoarders.

When you or a loved one realizes that there is a problem in your life with hoarding, extreme clutter or unsanitary conditions we should be contacted at once. We do a free consultation and evaluation of the situation and our trained, expert staff can remediate the problems in short order.

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