Moth Treatment, Removal and Repair Service

Don’t let moths turn your beautiful wool rugs into an all you can eat buffet

Moth Damage in Carpets



Your precious wool rugs are a treasure to you and your home. They are also a gourmet meal for moths and can be easily destroyed in no time by a moth infestation.

When a moth problem is evident, it is extremely crucial to get on the ball and get the rug treated immediately. Cocoons can be present within the rug and once hatched its lunch time for the male moths.

Moth cocoons in carpets

Here you see Moths and their larvae eating a wool rug.


Enviropure will treat and exterminate a moth infestation and their cocoons to stop the damaging and hungry moths from ruining your beautiful wool rugs.

In the case that some damage has been done, our rug repair experts can repair, resize, serge, repair or add fringe and perform many other restorative tasks to bring your rugs and carpets back to true form.

Moth damage


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