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Pet Odor, Urine Treatment and Removal


We love our pets, but sometimes accidents happen. The issue with wool carpets is that wool is an extremely absorbent fiber and is very challenging to remove urine and pet odors.

It is usually nearly impossible to remove without a professional rug cleaner. We are specialized in all types of pet stains, urine, blood, feces, and vomit. We can remove these stains from all of your carpets and upholstery.

ECO PRO Cleaning Services are experienced in dealing with Pet odors and urine treatment and if the rug or carpet is treated quickly enough the results can be very good.
Our treatment includes a combination of enzymes and anti-bacterial products that can safely neutralize and remove the active ingredients of the urine contamination.

The issue with urine removal is the salt content in the urine as a by-product. The salt draws moisture from humidity from the air which reactivates the urine odours as well as restarts the bacterial growth, so the true issue must be deal with before the steam cleaning is done. Luckily the experts here at Eco-Pro have the training and know how to treat this issue and guarantee great results.

Please note if we notice that your area rugs contain urine which is a blood borne pathogen, urine treatment is mandatory for sanitary reasons.

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