Our Method of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

What’s the difference between Steam Cleaning/ Hot Water Extraction and methods using a quicker drying method i.e. Encapsulation?

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There are several fundamental differences between the methods, Steam Cleaning would be considered a restorative type of cleaning whereas encapsulation is considered an interim or maintenance type of cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the only method that is endorsed by the major carpet manufacturers.

Encapsulation allows for a faster drying time, which in commercial applications has some benefits.

Common brand names like Von Shrader, Quick dry, Chem-dry are Encapsulation based technology and require less training and skill level to use this method than a technician using the Hot Water Extraction method.

Hot water extraction, as its name suggests extracts the water, soil, debris and solution from your carpet by rinsing it and extracting it back into the recovery tank.

Our method of carpet cleaning

With Encapsulation, Carpets and rugs are treated with foam dry cleaning chemical compounds agitated using agitation equipment, distributing evenly throughout the carpet fibers. Any soil will be encapsulated and then forced towards the surface area where in which it crystallizes and it is very easily vacuumed away following drying.

Encapsulation does have some restorative properties from the esthetic point of view as it fills in small abrasions and allows better light reflection. The downfall with the method is there is no actual extraction, rather is breaks down the soil so it appears clean. The removal of the soil is done over time by the client or custodial staff.

Our Method Of Carpet Cleaning is Cutting Edge, it’s the best of both worlds!!

With the help and training by the absolute carpet cleaning industry GURUS we have created our unique techniques and methodology by combining the two methods and blending the best parts and creating the ultimate carpet cleaning experience Ottawa has ever experienced.  

ECO-PRO recognizes the benefits of both methods and has developed a hybrid technique that uses both methods.

The result is in a deeper cleaning, better light reflection, Eco-friendly cleaning and faster drying time as less water is used that in typical steam cleaning alone.