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Looking for a better way to get your Ottawa home cleaning done? You have arrived!


When in the market for Safe, and Green Ottawa Home cleaning Services the one you should consider is ECOPRO.

Being in business for over 8 years as the leader of a truly natural cleaning company in Ottawa allows us to be an authority of what Green Cleaning truly is, and what natural and non-toxic cleaning is.

In this day and age, there are a lot of individuals that are suffering from environmental allergies. Many of which have a lot to do with your indoor air quality as well as the cleaning products that you use in your home. By going the natural route of using safe products that might be considered a bit “old school” you could actually be doing your health a whole lot of good.


ECO-PRO’S Tips for choosing cleaning products that are safe for your family.


First and foremost, if there are present health problems in your home such as autism, cancer, or someone with a compromised immune system it is important to first identify if there are sensitivities to even certain natural products. One product that is usually pretty safe and hypo-allergenic is Borax, and it is very inexpensive. Borax is a very effective product, and can be made into a paste that can be abrasive, and is excellent for cleaning and rinses clean with no residue.


When looking for the top Ottawa Home cleaning, the smart choice is ECO-PRO HOME SERVICES.. Ottawa’s best for over 8 years.


There is no such thing as too clean a home, it can always get better. With Enviropure home services we raise the bar, and offer cleaning that our competitors simply can’t compete with. For instance we offer:

  • Deep cleaning (very intensive cleaning, often used for spring cleaning)
  • Move in / Move out Cleaning: We can get your home ready so that it move in ready for you or the new occupants. With appliances cleaned and moved, we can have the carpets cleaning, the tile and grout cleaned. Windows, and all surfaces sanitized and all with eco-friendly and natural products.
  • Post Construction or Renovation Cleaning: With includes using our HEPA 500 air scrubbers to remove airborne particulate so that it doesn’t resettle on your surfaces during cleaning. Dry wall dust removal, carpet and upholstery cleaning. This usually is very similar to our deep cleaning methods.
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  • Hoarding and disaster cleanup: When a disaster situation occurs with situations such as hoarding our team of cleaning professionals have the expertise to handle any occurrence. We are compassionate to the individuals who are involved and we can really make the process a relatively straightforward and painless one.
  • Allergy relief cleaning: With allergies being so rampant, it is very important to be able to remove the source of the problem to provide some real relief and get the results that you are looking for. In allergy relief cleaning, we usually recommend our indoor air quality control expert to provide duct cleaning as well as installation of a high efficiency extreme filtration HVAC filter.


  • Secondly we recommend having your mattress cleaned and sanitized (this is often a very big source of your allergies with the dust-mites and allergens present in your mattress). A deep cleaning of your home and having our Air scrubbers in for 48 hours to clean the air really makes an impact, and if you have carpets and upholstery, we recommend that they are steam-cleaned and extracted. With all of these steps you should notice a very significant difference in your allergy symptoms.

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When looking for a one stop Home Services Ottawa company, ECOPRO is your Best choice.

With expertise in Home cleaning, carpet cleaning, Duct cleaning, and anything else that is home related we can make it a smooth, safe and quality experience.

To book a free consultation call us directly at 613-276-8667 or visit us at www.ottawaecopro.com and request a call back.