Spot and Stain Removal Ottawa


Stain and Spot removal with Eco-Pro’s IICRC Expert Technicians

“To be the best, you need to learn from the best”, and that is exactly what Eco-Pro Cleaning services has done.

With training from the top of the cleaning industry master stain removal expert DR.Stain, our carpet and upholstery technicians will ensure that if your stains can possibly be removed we will make disappear!

Our Stain removal  products and methodology are state of the art and are on the cutting edge of the cleaning industry. The Stain removal products used are green and environmentally friendly, as well very mild on the senses.

Stain Removal

The Ottawa carpet cleaning team has extensive experience and knowledge regarding the removal some of the most difficult stains including…

  • Pet stains
  • Urine treatments (including odor control)
  • Red wine
  • Blood Stains
  • Soft drinks
  • Cosmetics
  • High traffic lanes
  • Food Stains
  • Ink

Stain Removal

We are really good at what we do, but we can’t bring back the dead

***Please realize, while we are extremely good at removing stubborn stains there is never any guarantee that all stains can be removed. Sadly it is simply impossible to make that promise, but luckily we usually are very successful. Some of the factors that influence the chances of success include: the length of time the stain has sat in the fiber, the type of stain, and if the client has used any products that may have actually set the stain or removed color from the carpet or upholstery. ***

If you have any stains, spots or odors that need to be removed please give us a call today and we would be delighted to send one of our amazing Stain removal technicians over to assist you.