Ottawa Tile Cleaning Services Eco-Pro


Green Eco-friendly Tile Cleaning with Ottawa’s Tile and Hard Surface experts ECO-PRO

Tired of the grungy looking tiles in your home? We can make them shine and seal them with ECO-PRO’S Ottawa tile cleaning service so they are clean and sanitary. We can even change the color of your stained grout to give your tiles a face lift.

Over time, the cleaning products that you use forms a buildup on your grout and actually seals in the dirt and grime so that it makes it impossible to clean yourself.

Having your Tile and Grout cleaned with ECO-PRO can bring back the shine, and your grout lines will be even looking, and back to their original beautiful color.

If you need your tiles replaced, our experts can take care of you and offer you the best pricing in Ottawa.


Here are 7 features about ECO-PRO’S Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

  1. Created using concrete as well as urethane hardeners in addition to milducides and so absolutely no mould can develop onto it!
  2. Absolutely no harmful fumes/chemicals!
  3. The only long-term GREEN resolution! Enduring between 10-20 years together with proper routine maintenance!
  4. No requirement for harsh strippers due to the fact it never requires stripping!
  5. Maintenance is easy to perform by yourself!
  6. We are able to maintain your floor surfaces for you for a very low yearly investment!
  7. This makes the grout water-proof as well as stain proof! By developing a barrier it restricts air flow to kill all bacteria as well as eliminate odours

Our own grout sealer provides a resilient coating of protection that stops grime as well as spills from absorbing into your grout. It then results in a long-lasting barrier, which makes everyday spills very easy to clean up.

Trust our hard surface cleaning experts to clean your tile and grout and leave your home surfaces looking like new. Trust ECO-PRO, the Ottawa tile cleaning service experts!