When life is too hectic to clean your home, you need to call the Ottawa Home Cleaning Experts Eco-pro.


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Eco-Pro is Ottawa’s leading professional home cleaning service in Ottawa, featuring the most natural cleaning products along with the most sanitary cleaning structure available to date.

By being green, eco-friendly and also taking the next step by being natural, you can be assured that your family and pets will enjoy a very safe and healthy experience. No worries about harsh chemical cleaners, we only use products that we actually manufacture ourselves. By manufacturing the products in house, we can be 100% sure we know what are using in your home.

Industry leading structure make Our Ottawa home cleaning experts the best!

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Our company has developed over the years the most comprehensive and structured cleaning system that is the envy of the Ottawa Home Cleaning industry.

By being so efficient in our cleaning structure, we ensure that you receive the cleanest home possible. There is a 5 step process for each and every room in your home, and a spot checking system in place to make sure that there are little to no misses.

In addition to the cleaning structure, the Ottawa home cleaning crew is required to sanitize their indoor shoes between homes, fresh linens, filters are changed in the vacuums and because there are several team members in the crew there is never any cross contamination of equipment which is exclusive to each team member’s task. For example the washroom equipment and team member will not be the same person who will be cleaning your kitchen. Clean, fresh and safe are what Enviropure Home Services are all about.

Trust is earned, and by being bonded and insured you are completely covered.


Our goal with every customer is to earn their long term business, as well as to offer all of our amazing services.

We are completely bonded and insured, and we really go the extra mile to ensure that your property and home are treated with the utmost respect. You are very important to us, and we want to establish ourselves as a company you can trust and count on to get the job done every time.

Most of our client entrust us with a key and alarm code, please rest assured that all keys are tagged and coded and kept locked up and are always protected.


We can completely customize your Ottawa Home Cleaning service to your exact specifications.


No two homes or people have the exact needs or expectations, therefore it would be to expected that no two cleaning structures would be the exact same either.

For these reasons we recommend that we have a free consultation before we commence with any regular cleaning schedule clients. This way both you the client and we the service provider are on the same page and this assures that you will be extremely happy with your cleaning and at the same time gives us the goal to exceed your expectations.

For more information about our Ottawa Home cleaning services, please call us anytime at 613-276-8667. We are open 7 days a week from 8 am to 7pm. You may also visit our website for additional information http://carpetcleaningottawa.com